Week 2 January 2015: Rain = 4.5 millimetres

This was a big planting week with 51 plants going into our North Garden area.

We purchased some plants this week at the local Home Hardware store. They often have interesting native plants in their nursery. Our purchases: Grevillea lanigera a fine-leafed form, Correa lawrenceana var rosea Burgundy Belle, Grevillea diminuta and Podocarpus lawrencei Blue Gem.

Potting on continued this week with struck cuttings of Grevillea oldei, Correa reflexa and Prostanthera phylicifolia going into tubes.

Angophora floribunda is one of the trees native to Yallaroo and surrounding areas. This week the trees began to flower with masses of creamy-white blooms.

We also did some “macro” pruning this week. Large Leptospermums and Melaleucas, near the house, were reduced to one third of their height. This drastic pruning will revitalise the plants.

We also mowed a small area using the ride on mower. In the very near future we will be mowing the large area north of the house. The grasses, herbaceous natives and weeds have all jumped out of the ground, in this area, since the good Christmas rain.

We also found time to watch the final cricket test between Australia and India.

Our son and his family arrived home safely from their holiday in the United Kingdom.

Wildlife observations: The three Willie Wagtail babies in the nest beside our back door left home this week. We saw what may be an immature Rufous Whistler near our birdbaths. It was only a fleeting glance. We need a longer look to confirm the sighting.


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