Week 2 January 2014:  No rain again this week.
Although very dry we mowed around the house and the large area in front of the house. We used the hand mower around the house and the large area in front of the house with the ride on mower. There may be no more mowing this summer unless we have some decent rain.
Potting on continued this week with struck cuttings of Grevillea jephcottii, Darwinia citriodora and Melaleuca radula (red flowering form) going into tubes.
We have an Allocasuarina grampiana growing in one of our gardens. This attractive shrub has bluish foliage and could be a native substitute for the exotic Blue Spruce. This week we harvested cones from this plant. Once the seeds are released they will be sown.
Our Melaleuca diosmatifolia plants are in full flower. The blooms light up the garden and attract many native insects including Blue Flower Wasps and various beetles. This species was previously known as Melaleuca erubescens.
One of our daughters, son in law and grand children sent a few days at Yallaroo. One of our various activities, during their visit, was setting a yabby (freshwater crayfish) trap in the big dam. Using pieces of sausage, as bait, we managed to catch about 12 yabbies. It was a case of catch and release this time. In the future we will catch some for the table.
We managed to spend some time weeding in our northern garden. We are frequently watering the new plants in this garden and the weeds have also appreciated the water.
We have plastic chairs stacked on our back patio.  When unstacking some we came across three Stony Creek Frogs. They were all about the same size. They were relocated to our patio pond.

Garden Diary