Week 2 January 2013: Rain = 31.5 millimetres. Very welcome rain that revitalised the garden and filled our house tank to overflowing.

Early one morning the equipment, for our wireless phone connection was delivered. Hopefully it will be installed next week. Our roof is starting to look like a control centre for NASA. There already is a TV antenna, satellite dish, 24 solar panels and two solar hot water collectors. Add to these the Yagi phone antenna and the roof will be rather crowded.

Three male Blue Wrens were investigating the shrubs near our front verandah one afternoon. A Blue Wren group seems to have taken up permanent residence. They are very welcome.

One afternoon we visited our friends from Canberra. They have a place east of Armidale where they are establishing an interesting garden. We always enjoy our visits.

This week we dug more planting holes in a garden west of the house. A Correa Federation Belle found a home in one of the holes.

One afternoon a tall Acacia linifolia fell across the road just east of the house near our power pole. Some time was spent removing the remains. The plant snapped off at ground level.

A large Angophora floribunda, north of the house, has burst into bloom. The trees is become covered with cream flowers. The Angophoras on the surrounding hills are blooming in company with our tree.

We now have access to the Australian Plant Society NSW Region web site: http://www.austplants-nsw.org.au/

We have a section called “From Our Cold Climate Garden” and have started to insert articles and photographs on the site. At the moment you have to register to access the material but hopefully, in the future, the section will be available generally. We would like to thank Mark, an APS member, for his help in setting up “From Our Cold Climate Garden”.


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