Week 2 January 2012: Rain = 7 millimetres

Planting continued this week with a total of 24 plants. We placed a cucurbit seed in every hole. This planting scheme is beginning to pay off. This week zucchinis and cucumbers were picked from previous plantings.

Weeding and mulching also continued this week. The good rain last year and the break in horticultural activities, over Christmas, allowed the weeds to proliferate.

The wildlife at Yallaroo was particularly active this week. A Swamp Wallaby plus a Red-necked Wallaby both hopped past the house this week. Blue-banded Bees were active around our Derwentia plants. In mid week we sighted a Burtons Legless Lizard slithering across the path near the house. This was a rare sighting of this interesting reptile.

A plant that has been in flower for a number of weeks is Scaevola Mauve Mist. This low growing, mounded ground cover has been covered in mauve/purple flowers for weeks. “Mauve Clusters” is a cultivar of Scaevola aemula, a coastal species. We have had great difficulty in keeping the parent, Scaevola aemula, alive in the garden but this cultivar seems to be more resilient.


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