Week 2 January 2010:   Rain = 10.5 millimetres

This week a pair of Striated Pardalotes has taken up residence in the tube nest outside our back door. This will be the third year they have used the nest.

Spent time weeding, digging holes and planting this week. Only managed to plant three plants this time.

Watered our vegetables with diluted worm juice this week. Our worm farm generates generous quantities of this valuable plant food. We also filled our second half drum with soil.

Started the hand mower this week and cut the grass around the house. We collected the clippings and put some in our rotary composter. The clippings were mixed with leaves and shredded newspaper plus a handful of blood and bone.

A number of plants flowered this week. Acacia parramattensis is a tall Wattle with cream, perfumed flowers. Eucalyptus cladocalyx nana, the Dwarf Sugar Gum, began to flower for the first time this week. Kunzea species A is covered in white, fluffy flowers and is attracting many insects including three Flower Wasp species.


Garden Diary