Week 2 January 2009:   Rain =  14 mm this week

One day this week we observed a new bird visiting Yallaroo. A solitary Yellow Robin landed on the trunk of one of our Acacias. This brings to 92 the number of bird species that have visited Yallaroo since we moved here.

Planting continued this week with 43 plants going into the ground. The area that we are planting was ripped many years ago and the ground is still friable and easy to dig. We sometimes turn up a few rocks and these are used to shelter and support new plants.

In one of our ponds there are a number of large tadpoles. We think that these are the young of Burrowing Frogs. We are glad to see that the amphibians are using our water features.

Over 15 years ago we planted a large number of natives near our front gate. They were planted near our entrance because at that time we had no internal road. There are always birds in these early plantings and this week we noticed that Eastern Spinebills, Double-barred Finches, Red-browed Finches and Blue Wrens were all around a clump of Grevilleas together.

We have found more Eucalypts with buds. This week we came across Eucalyptus baeuerlenii and Eucalyptus cladocalyx nana plants covered in buds.

New on the Site: Eucalyptus baeuerlenii and Eucalyptus cladocalyx nana.


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