Week 2 January 2008: No rain this week.

One of our Templetonia retusa flowered profusely in late spring. This week we noticed that there were some seed pods on the plant. Some were collected and we will try to germinate the seeds. We usually propagate this Western Australian pea from cuttings.

We spent time planting this week. There is still a large backlog of plants to find homes in our gardens. Fortunately we have plenty of room.

As well as planting we also spent a while weeding in one of our newer gardens. Weeds appear with monotonous regularity once the soil is disturbed by digging holes. As gardens mature the ground is shaded and weed seed germination is reduced considerably.

One day this week a Richardís Pipit visited the mown area north of the house. This medium-sized bird often visits Yallaroo at this time of the year.

We received an interesting letter this week. We were nominated as Australian of the Year. The letter contained a certificate acknowledging our nomination.

Found a frog under one of our outdoor chairs. It was Litoria wilcoxii. This large frog is only the second specimen, of the species, that has been observed at Yallaroo. This individual allowed us to take some photographs.

Our youngest daughter and her family visited for a few days this week. We had an enjoyable time. Our two granddaughters are very interested in the natural history of Yallaroo.

Two female Wallaroos also visited Yallaroo this week. They are attractive macropods with fur that has a bluish tinge. They are very different to male Wallaroos that have dark brown, almost black fur.

Our faithful Canon i550 printer failed this week. The print head wore out. A new one would cost $190. Fortunately we were able to purchase a Canon iP4500 printer for $175.

New on Site: Litoria wilcoxi.


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