Week 2 January 2007: Rain = 5mm
In the last week of December we mentioned that a pair of Double-barred Finches was building a nest in one of our prickly Hakeas. This week they were observed carrying more pieces of grass to add to the nest. In this dry weather there is plenty of dried grass stems available for nest building.
This week we worked out two programmes for the year. One is the articles we write for the local Express newspaper and the other is the items we place on the Aussie Natives segment of the local ABC web site: www.abc.net.au/newengland     then scroll down to the Aussie Natives section
One item a fortnight is produced for the paper and web site.
We are continuing digging holes, planting and mulching in our old vegetable garden. We are trying to use only native cottage garden plants in this new garden. This week about 20 plants went into this garden.
We also potted on some seedlings and struck cuttings.

Garden Diary