Week 2 January 2006: Rain = 15.5mm
This week we began pruning a number of shrubs in our gardens. We recently purchased a lopper. Basically this tool will cut through thick branches and looks like secateurs on steroids.
There was plenty of planting undertaken this week. We have a large backlog of plants patiently waiting to go in the ground. Our cutting propagation efforts have been extremely successful in spring and early summer.
This week we managed to identify a Baeckea that we have grown for many years. It is Baeckea imbricata. The original plant came from the South Coast of New South Wales.
We found a dead juvenile Grey Thrush on our back patio one day this week. The unfortunate bird had flown into a window. Usually birds are only stunned when they hit windows. In the past two or three years our resident pair of Grey Thrushes has successfully raised at least ten chicks.
A few Blue-banded Bees returned to one of our gardens this week. They were busy around the flowers of a Derwentia arenaria. In the spring of 2004 large numbers of these native bees visited this plant.
Some time was spent in re-arranging the benches in our propagating structure. Our benches will accommodate about 1700 tubes.

Garden Diary