Week 2 January 2005: No rain this week.
One of our large garden beds has become rather weedy. On four days, of this week, we started weeding at about 7am and demolished weeds for an hour. The next step is to mulch this garden and do some replanting to fill up places where plants have expired. We find that as the wanted plants develop the weeds eventually disappear.
A new bird visited Yallaroo this week. A Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater was observed in one of our dense shrubberies. This honeyeater is the 87th species to be observed at Yallaroo in the last ten years.
This week we moved some sheets of corrugated iron from another section of our Lawn Garden . The iron was moved to another section and we started to plant in the bare section. See: Organic Herbicide. 

Garden Diary