Week 2 January 2004: Rain this week = 118 mm. Excellent rain. Just in time for summer. Our house tank filled to overflowing. Always a comforting sight when you are not connected to the town water supply.
Trying another Kitty Litter experiment. Placed a small amount of Kitty Litter in the base of some tubes before potting on seedlings and cuttings. Hopefully the Kitty Litter will soak up water and become a reservoir for the potted-on plants. Initially we are trying Hakea constablei seedlings. Results will be posted in the Garden Diary.
Picking corncobs from our plants in pots. The pots are sitting in about two centimetres of water. This water treatment seems to work as the cobs were delicious. Also picked some Apple Cucumbers. These were also grown in pots but not sitting in water.
Saw two young Eastern Spinebills in the garden. They have just left a nest in a Leptospermum brevipes (Grey Tea Tree) near the house.
A Melaleuca macronychia has produced buds. This Western Australian native has bright red, bottlebrush-like flowers. This is a first for Yallaroo and we are waiting for the flowers with great anticipation. A photo and description will be featured in our Plant Section when the flowers appear.
Found a Black Snake swimming around in our 5000-gallon irrigation tank. Large Peronís Tree Frogs live in the tank. The snake was probably looking for lunch. We left our reptilian visitor in peace. Next day the tank was snake free.
During the week we observed two Bronzed-winged Pigeons in the garden near the house. They were probably feeding on ripe Acacia seeds.

Garden Diary