Week 2 January 2002: Very warm this week. We had 27 mm of rain mid-week. This freshened up the garden and filled our domestic water tank to overflowing.
Picked our first ripe tomatoes this week. We grow a few tomato plants every year.
Our son, Lachlan gave us some Ottelia ovata from a dam on the property where he works. This is an aquatic plant with floating oval leaves and showy white flowers. We potted the plants and placed them in two of our ponds.
Involved in more planting in our Lawn Garden. Our New Year’s Resolution is to do more planting this year. Our propagating activities (with plants) have been very successful and we now have a backlog of about 500 plants ready to find homes in our gardens.
Alan and Lyn visited this week. They are from Victoria and are enthusiastic and knowledgeable native plant growers. We had a very pleasant and instructive walk around our garden.
A number of plants are flowering, at Yallaroo, at the moment. Callistemon Pink Champagne, Melaleuca elliptica and Melaleuca nesophila are all blooming bounteously.
Picked up a large number of Homoranthus plants from a student at the University. We now have at least 20 species of this interesting genus. Some of these have never been cultivated. We are very grateful for this generous gift. We also received a Correa Federation Belle from Sarah and David Caldwell. This attractive hybrid was bred in their nursery. We are also very grateful for this horticultural gift.
There are lots of cicadas singing (?) in or Eucalypts. Most are a variety known as Black Princes. This is becoming a very noisy summer.
Spoke to a group of young people involved in the Rotary Youth Leadership Award Seminars. Strangely the title of our talk was Native Plants and the Environment.

Garden Diary