Week 2 February 2017: Rain = 2 millimetres. It is still too hot to do much outside work.

“Happy Valentines Day”

In the relative cool of our shed we potted on rooted cuttings of passionfruit, one Boronia ruppii and white-flowered buddleias plus Westringia eremicola. We sowed seeds of five different Asian greens in a punnet. When they germinate they will be planted in one of our vegetable beds. We continued watering our newer plantings and the vegetables.

A Correa Pink Panther is flowering. This was a present from another native plant enthusiast. The tubular pink flowers are similar to other correas in our garden.

This week we received a digital voice recorder from Ebay. This recorder is only eight centimetres long by three centimetres wide. The device has an inbuilt speaker and will be useful for recording thoughts about articles and also recording items for the Garden Diary when we are working outside.

Wildlife observations: Once again plenty to report this week. We noticed a number of large blue flower wasps flying around the garden. In the vegetable area we came across a large black and yellow wasp dragging a paralysed huntsman spider to its nest. We rarely see these large wasps in operation. This week we caught sight of the first snake of the season. The large black snake was moving rapidly into tall grass near our entrance road. A Swamp Wallaby was feeding near our front verandah one morning. A flock of Red-browed Finches was feeding near the house. We have not sighted these finches for some time. Five White-winged Choughs were also feeding near the house one morning. One day a Striated Pardalote flew into one of our tube nests on the southern side of the house. The bird was carrying an insect in its beak. We have three of these tube nests around the house and at least one always seems to be in use. A pair of Spiny-cheeked Honeyeaters was observed in the shrubs on the southern side of the house.


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