Week 2 February 2016: No rain this week.

Some plants are flowering and brightening the garden including Acacia iteaphylla, A. parramattensis and Grevillea Orange Marmalade.  

We potted on rooted cuttings of Crowea exalata, Rhodanthe anthemoides and passionfruit. We have a vigorous passionfruit vine growing on our front verandah and are building up more plants to plant in various spots around the house. We find that passionfruit cuttings produce roots rapidly.

On our shopping day we visited our Bunnings store. We purchased a Eucalyptus gunnii in a tube and a large Banksia integrifolia. This latter plant was about one metre tall and was only $15. It would take us a number of years to grow a Banksia to this size.

This week we picked up our TV. Early in December the TV failed. The set was out of warranty but LG agreed to repair the set without payment. This was thanks to Harvey Norman approaching LG about the repair. On the day we picked up the TV our freezer failed. A technician came out and found that the unit needed a new part that has to be ordered. Fortunately we have a small backup freezer so we did not lose much food.

Wildlife observations: A Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater made welcome return to the gardens around the house. One morning a group of Blue Wrens and a number of Double-barred Finches visited our deck on the north side of the house.


Garden Diary