Week 2 February 2012: Rain = 32 millimetres Good rain this week that topped up our tank and refreshed the soil moisture. Our area escaped the floods that devastated places west of the Northern Tablelands.

The Blue-banded Bees have returned and are busy around our blue-flowering Derwentias. Also some Red-browed Finches have been observed in the garden. We also sighted two male Blue Wrens together with a flock of Jenny Wrens and juveniles in the garden.

Spent a morning on the ride-on mower cutting the grass around our road and the large open area to the north of the house. We find a session on the mower a relaxing activity.

Early in the spring a feral tomato seedling came up in one of our newer gardens. The plant now has a spread of over a metre and became covered with small yellow, pear-shaped fruit. This week we picked large quantities of these delicious tomatoes. Other tomatoes are starting to ripen.

Dug holes this week and planted a total of 51 plants. They were well watered and mulched. We also spent some time removing weeds from one of our recently planted gardens. The soil in the holes was rather moist. A testament to the amount of rain that has fallen on Yallaroo recently.

Potted on continued this week including Isopogon petiolaris and Hakea verrucosa seedlings.


Garden Diary