Week 2 February 2011:   Rain = 59 millimetres. This was excellent rain that kept our tanks full and refreshed the garden after a procession of very hot days.

This week we picked beans, cucumbers and squash from our raised vegetable beds.

We spent some time mowing. Hopefully this will be the last mow until next spring.

Planting continued as per usual with 39 plants going into a new garden bed. Hopefully, one of these days we will catch up with our plant backlog. There are only about 400 plants to go. At three plants /hole this means digging about 133 holes. We have convinced ourselves that we enjoy the exercise.

We did our talkback radio program this Saturday. Unfortunately due to program changes, by the ABC, we only go to air once a month. This time we had about eight calls.

We have a grape vine growing against our shed. This season the vine has produced many bunches of grapes. We gathered the grapes and made some jam with the harvest.

This week we potted on some Allocasuarina grampiana seedlings. This attractive She Oak comes from the Grampian Mountains in western Victoria.

New on the Site: Homalanthus populifolius and Leptospermum laevigatum.


Happy Valentines Day


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