Week 2 February 2010:    Rain = 4 millimetres

Happy Valentines Day

To celebrate the 14th we picked some our first beetroot from our vegetable rings.

Our grass has grown rapidly so this week we spent some time on the ride-on and hand mowers. We collected grass clipping with our hand mower and this will be added to our compost tumbler.

We also spent some time controlling weeds. Over the last two years spring has meant that we have a proliferation of Bidens pilosa known commonly as Cobblers Peg. This obnoxious introduced member of the Daisy family produces large numbers of thin seeds, about one centimetre long with prickly appendages on the top. These attach themselves to all forms of apparel. This has proved to be an efficient means of seed dispersal. We sprayed the Cobblers Peg with Glyphosate before the plants produced seeds. Hopefully there will be fewer plants next growing season.

We also found some time to pot on some struck cuttings including Eremophila Summertime Blue.

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