Week 2 February 2009: No rain this week.

We finished putting all pots and tubes in our plastic house prior to our trip away.

Early in the week we picked all the peaches off a cutting grown tree that is about five years old. A few fruit had a small number of fruit fly but these were dispatched rapidly. The peaches have a great flavour and are as big as tennis balls. Peaches do not have to be grafted to produce excellent fruit.

One wildlife observation this week. A pair of Quail was sighted wandering through one of our gardens.

In the middle of the week we set off to visit family in Sydney and the Central Coast. First stop was Westmead, near Parramatta. We visited Westfield, a gigantic, noisy and soulless shopping centre in Parramatta.

We spent some time in the reserve surrounding Lake Parramatta, a much more tranquil place than Westfield. The Lake was part of Parramatta’s early water supply.

Parramatta has a large aquarium shop and we spent some time looking at their wide range of freshwater tropical fish. We did spend up big and bought a $2 aquarium thermometer.

Early one morning we walked around Parramatta Park. This is a large, open area with the Parramatta River flowing through the middle. It is an area well use by local residents for passive recreation. In one place we came across a form of Grevillea juniperina that is similar to the form that grows near St Marys, further west.

On the weekend we visited some houses for sale. One of our family is going to buy a house in the Parramatta area. That night we had a family get together and a great time was had by all.


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