Week 2 February 2008: Rain = 38mm  

This has been a rather busy week for the Sheathers. On Saturday morning we left Yallaroo before seven o’clock and travelled to the ABC Tamworth studios to do our talkback gardening programme. We usually do the program from home. It was a pleasant change to do the session face-to-face with David Evans the Saturday morning announcer.

From Tamworth we travelled to Lake Macquarie, near Newcastle, north of Sydney. Our family was having a get-together over the week end. We spent a couple of enjoyable days with them. From there we travelled to Newcastle and spent a couple more enjoyable days with other relatives. During this time we visited the Newcastle Wildflower Nursery. We bought a number of plants from this well-stocked nursery. Included in our purchases were: Correa “Autumn Blaze”, Dampiera stricta, Dampiera trigona and Dianella prunina.

In Newcastle we also visited a large hardware store and purchased a Tumbleweed Composter. The price was $60 cheaper than the price in Armidale.

On our return we found two Willie Wagtails were still in residence. They have been around for a couple of weeks.

As well as the Wagtails, twelve Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos paid a visit one day this week.


PS A Happy Valentine’s Day to our readers.


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