Veg_garden1.JPG (55379 bytes)Week 2 February 2007:  Rain = 42.5 mm. At last some decent rain. This has put new life into the garden.
We wish our readers a Happy Valentineís Day. Ours was very happy with the excellent rainfall.
This week we put some liquid potash on our beans and strawberries in their pots. Potash strengthens the stems and encourages flowering and fruiting.
We are still planting in our old Vegetable Garden (see image). Another couple of weeks and this garden will be planted out with a variety of natives.
There is a tall Acacia implexa that is just west of the house and we often see birds perching in this wattle. This week we observed a Woodswallow, Treecreeper, Crimson Rosella, Grey Butcherbird and Willie Wagtail using the wattle at various times.
This week some time was spent potting on seedlings and struck cuttings. We have almost caught up with the plants patiently waiting to be potted-on.
There is a Grevillea about 2 metres high near our clothesline. This week we found an old birdís nest in this plant. By its shape the nest was probably built and used by Eastern Spinebills. We are very pleased by the number of native birds that choose to nest in our shrubberies near the house.
New on the Site: Eremophila Yanna Road, Eucalyptus kruseana, Eucalyptus pilularis and Eucalyptus stricta.

Garden Diary