Week 2 February 2005:  Rain = 54.5 mm
This week we received a healthy fall of rain that filled our tank and refreshed the garden.
We have pressed on with our planting programme. The rain softened the soil and made digging holes much easier.
We label some of our plants when they go in the ground. We now do this with all our Eucalypts and any other new varieties. When we first started planting we did not label the Eucalypts and now we have a number that require identification. Our labels are made from narrow strips cut from aluminium drink cans. We impress the plant name on the label with an old biro. The labels are attached to pieces of wire and stuck in the plant holes.
Some of our Eucalyptus laevopinea (Silvertop Stringybark) are flowering. This is one of the seven Eucalypt species native to Yallaroo.
This week we entertained 50 visitors from Glen Innes, a town north of Armidale. All had a good time. This makes a total of 100 visitors to Yallaroo since Christmas.
Many seedlings have appeared amongst the plants in our shrubberies. This week we potted on a number of seedlings. These will be relocated to other areas in the garden. Bursarias, Correas and Prostantheras are some of the seedlings that have appeared.

Garden Diary