Week 2 February 2004: No rain this week.
Plenty of Paper Wasp nests around both the garden and the house. We have been stung a few times when pruning. The nests are hidden in the undergrowth.  Their stings may be dangerous. There was a recent case of a lady, on the Northern Tablelands, who was stung and finished up in hospital. Her recovery was rapid but illustrates how dangerous these wasps can be.  We even found a nest under our gas barbeque. There appears to be two species. One builds the large circular nest and the other, smaller insect, builds a rectangular nest. The smaller wasps still pack a punch when they attack.
A pair of Yellow-faced Honeyeaters has built a nest in one of our Clematis vines just near our backdoor. Clematis vines are the all time favourite nesting plants at Yallaroo.
Still collecting large rocks for our new Correa garden. One item that is plentiful, at Yallaroo, is rocks of all shapes and sizes.
This week about thirty of our digital photos appeared in a magazine. Their quality, in print, was very satisfactory and we are now considering publishing some booklets on native plants and the environment. We would be interested in hearing from anyone with ideas on publishing. The name of the magazine is: Natives: Natural Beauty.
Spent some time re-arranging the plants on the benches in our hoop house. We have about 1000 plants ready to install in the garden.  

Garden Diary