Week 2 February 2003: Happy Valentine’s Day!
This week we started to plant a new bed in our Lawn Garden. This oval-shaped bed should accommodate a few hundred plants. Rabbits have attacked some of our new plants. We have found that blood and bone spread around new plants will deter these feral pests.
Bought a Grevillea Bedspread at an Armidale nursery. Bedspread is said to be a “controlled” cross between Grevillea wilkinsonii and Grevillea Poorinda Royal Mantle. We assume that a “controlled” cross is one where pollen is manually transferred between plants. Most Grevillea hybrids have arisen by accidental transfer of pollen between different Grevilleas. Anyway, Bedspread is a vigorous ground cover with burgundy toothbrush flowers. A plant was selected with plenty of cutting material. Time will tell how quickly this hybrid strikes from cuttings.

Garden Diary