Week 2 February 2002: Only 2 mm of rain this week. Spent some time putting sawdust on the paths in our Lawn Garden.
We planted a dwarf Acacia fimbriata. This species is known as the Fringed Wattle and usually grows into a spreading shrub about 2 metres tall. The dwarf form reaches a height of less that one metre. There are a few dwarf forms of shrubby wattles appearing in nurseries.
One of our Proteas is coming into flower. We think that it is a form of Protea neriifolia and has large pink flowers. Proteas are natives of South Africa. Some florists consider them to be native Australians. They are close relatives of our Banksias, Hakeas and Grevilleas. We feel that on the Northern Tablelands there is potential for growing Proteas (and their relatives) for the cut flower trade. We are not interested in this commercial aspect of horticulture but would be happy to provide information on Protea and native plant cultivation for cut flowers and foliage to locals seeking an alternative source of income.
A number of large Skink Lizards are appearing in the garden. We are always happy to see the local wildlife using the garden. A Grey Kangaroo spent some time in our propagating house one afternoon. This visitor caused little damage except for knocking over some pots as it manoeuvred its tail in the confined space.
We have started to plant our Homoranthus plants in a bed in our Lawn Garden. We mentioned these plants previously. A postgraduate student who is researching this fascinating genus gave them to us. We have at least 20 species.
Paid a visit to Apsley Falls. The Falls are in the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, are east of Walcha and about one hour from Yallaroo. Some water was going over the Falls. An unusual pink flowering form of Prostanthera lasianthos grows near in the area.
We have a number of Acacia subulata growing in our gardens. They are blooming bounteously and lighting up the gardens with their bright yellow flowers. Acacia subulata flowers for most of the year and is one of our favourite wattles.

Garden Diary