Week 2 December 2016: Rain = 10 millimetres.

We cut back the two blueberry plants that suffered from the hot weather when we were away last week. Hopefully they will survive.

This week we planted seedling capsicums, beetroot, kohlrabi and spring onions in one of our vegetable garden beds. We also picked Asian greens and beans from another vegetable bed. The beans are not bearing very well and we may remove some of the plants and plant other more productive vegetables in their place.

The garden beds are in need of weeding so this week they were all weeded. We now have nine vegetable beds.

We finished constructing two shelf units and placed them on the computer desk. This will make things tidier and more efficient when working at the desk.

On Saturday we went to the local group of the Australian Plant Societyís Christmas party. The party was held at two memberís native garden east of Armidale. A pleasant time was has by all and we were allowed to collect cuttings from their interesting garden.

Wildlife observations: One day sighted a large Copper-tailed Skink in our vegetable area. There were also numerous sightings of Jackie Lizards in the garden. One morning two Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos flew over. Two Dollar Birds were perched in a dead tree one afternoon.


Garden Diary