Week 2 December 2013: No rain this week.
Some years ago we found a feral plum tree growing along the road, west of Yallaroo. Cuttings were taken and we now have a plum tree that is almost 5 metres tall. This spring the tree flowered profusely and become covered with small green plums. This week we picked the plums and pruned the tree to a manageable height. We collected enough plums to make some savoury relish, stewed some for desserts and had enough left over for eating.
Once again we spent time potting on germinating seedlings and rooted cuttings. Acacia cognata, Hakea eriantha, Grevillea Big Red, Prostanthera serpyllifolia and Eremophila Summertime Blue were all potted on into tubes.
Thirty plants went into our Northern Garden. This garden is coming along very nicely. We had some losses early in our planting but these will be replaced in the fullness of time.
We found time to spray emergent weeds with Glyphosate. We use this herbicide sparingly as an effective way to control weeds.
We have a cyclamen in a pot in our kitchen. This week we split the plant in two and repotted.
Our Eucalyptus apiculata burst into bloom this week. This small, rare eucalypt comes from isolated areas in southern NSW.
There were two interesting wildlife sightings this week. Around the house we sighted two, colourful male Blue Wrens. On our mown area we flushed out two quail.
New on site; Eucalyptus apiculata

Garden Diary