Week 2 December 2011: Rain = 42 millimetres. The rain keeps coming with monotonous regularity but is still very welcome.

Pruning and weeding continued this week. We are getting on top of the weeds that have been triggered by the regular rain. We have lost a few plants due to being choked by weeds coupled with a modicum of neglect. This week 12 plants went into places where other plants had expired. They were mulched to help reduce weed growth and when the rain eases to lower evaporation.

Our Melaleuca radula plants are continuing to flower. This attractive species appears to have a lengthy flowering period. The Melaleuca alternifolia plants, growing on the margin of our Big Dam, are also flowering.

One day this week we had a visit from one of Canberra friends. He brought a bunch of colourful cottage garden plants from the garden. We had an enjoyable walk around the garden.

We found time to do some potting on this week. Hakea verrucosa and tomato seedlings plus struck Goodenia decurrens and Westringia Poorinda Pavane cuttings found their way into tubes.

Four King Parrots visited one day. Three males and one female helped themselves to seed from our bird feeder.


Garden Diary