Monarch.JPG (21476 bytes)Week 2 December 2007: Rain = 36.5mm   More good rain.

An important event occurred this week. After waiting for many months Satellite Broadband was connected this week. What a difference to our slow dialup speed (about 30 Kbps). We now have a new email address: our old address: is still operating.

After the Broadband excitement we managed to continue with our usual horticultural pursuits with planting continuing in our Orchard Garden. As mentioned before there are more rocks in this garden than soil. Fortunately the rocks are about fist size or smaller.

We have many Acacia implexa plants on Yallaroo They regenerated in large numbers after we bought the property and stock was removed. The cream flowers light up the landscape.

The rain has encouraged the grass to grow thickly and rapidly. This week we mowed around the house with our old two-stoke mower. This mower is about 20 years old and now has difficulty coping with our mix of grass and weeds. This week we bought a new four stroke mower. Our ride-on mower will still be used to mow around our road and our large, open area. The new mower has a grass catcher so we will be trying to compost the grass clippings. We may look into buying a rotary composter.

We identified some medium shrubs, with linear leaves, that appeared near our northern boundary. We thought they were Solanum plants but they are Gomphocarpus fruticosa, Narrow-leaved Cotton Bush. They are the food source for Monarch Butterfly larvae. This week we found Monarch caterpillars on the plants. Monarch Butterflies were flying around the plants.

The photograph shows a caterpillar on one of the balloon-shaped fruits. The Cotton Bush is an introduced species but we will accommodate them because of their attraction to Monarch caterpillars.


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