Week 2 December 2006: Rain = 11.5 mm
We have previously mentioned the Thrush nest near our back door. The nest was constructed in a dense Clematis vine and contains three rapidly developing chicks. This week we found a Yellow-faced Honeyeater nest less than a metre from the Thrush’s home. This smaller nest is holding two eggs.
Grevillea Elegance and Austromyrtus dulcis are two of the plants flowering at present. The Austromyrtus is still in a pot. It will require a sheltered position when planted out.
We undertook a big planting programme this week with 53 plants finding homes in the gardens. Most of the plants purchased from the Muswellbrook Forestry Nursery, a few weeks ago, have been planted.
We attacked two of our large hybrid Acacias with loppers and secateurs. About two metres was taken off each stem. We have drastically pruned these plants previously and they have bounced back and bloomed bounteously.
At one stage we had a large vegetable garden with built-up beds. This garden fell into disrepair because vegetables are now planted either in pots or amongst the native plants. This week we renovated this area and commenced planting shrubby native plants instead of vegetables. This area will become a large cottage garden bulging at the seams with a wide range of small native plants.
We visited our neighbours one afternoon this week. A pleasant time was had by all. They rely on solar panels for their electricity requirements and have a very efficient system.
Towards the end of the week our phone went off. This meant we had no outside communication either by phone or internet. We do have mobile coverage (of a sort). To use our mobile we have to climb onto one of our water tanks. This is not the safest or most comfortable places particularly when a westerly wind is blowing. By weeks end the phone was still off.
New on the Site: Austromyrtus dulcis and Eremophila Kalbarri Carpet.

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