Week 2 December 2004: Rain = 102.5 mm spread over three days. This was a very satisfying amount of water. Dams filling, tanks full and water soaking into the ground.

A Wallaroo visited Yallaroo this week. Early one morning we saw a large male hopping down our road. In the last fortnight a Swamp Wallaby, Red-necked Wallaby and now a Wallaroo have visited us. Of course we have our resident mob of Grey Kangaroos on our mown area most mornings and afternoons.

We found a Yellow-face Honeyeater’s nest in one of our Callistemons. The nest contained two eggs and was lined with the algae that we had removed from one of our frog ponds.

Celebrated two more birthdays this week. Both our daughter and her daughter have birthdays on the same day. This time we sang Happy Birthday over the phone.

This Saturday was our last talkback garden programme for the year. We enjoy these fortnightly programmes and are constantly surprised by the number of people who listen.

In late November we mentioned that a pair of Scrub wrens had nested in a pot of Maidenhair Fern near our back door. This week two chicks left the nest and joined the flock of Scrub Wrens that live around the house.

Two Melaleucas have burst into bloom. Melaleuca alternifolia is a blaze of white flowers near our Big Dam and a specimen of Melaleuca huegelii is near the house and is covered with cream brushes.

Our telephone cable was laid this week. Our telephone cable has been lying on the ground for the last seven months since our original cable developed multiple faults. A cable on the ground is vulnerable to damage so we were glad to see a new cable disappear underground.

Garden Diary