Week 2 December 2002:  This week we had 17.5 rain.
We spent some time weeding, planting and mulching in our lawn garden.
A Swamp Wallaby was feeding on our lawn (?) one morning this week. They are secretive animals and it was a surprise to see one so close to the house.
One of our local hybrid Grevilleas is in full flower. We call this one Grevillea Bilga Red and was named after local road where we found the plant. Since our discovery the original plant has disappeared after road works. Bilga Red is a spreading shrub with bright red flowers. We think that one of the parents was Grevillea Canterbury Gold. This hybrid strikes readily from cuttings and has great horticultural potential.
One of our Eucalypts is in full flower. Eucalyptus amplifolia is known as the Cabbage Gum. This small tree was planted about eight years ago and this was the second time the specimen has flowered. Plenty of exotic honeybees were around the flowers. We also saw two species of native bees. The honeybees were trying to chase the native bees away. Solanum cinereum, the Narrawa Burr, is a local native with very prickly everything. Stems, leaves and the calyx of the flowers are all covered in sharp spines. The mauve flowers are without doubt the most attractive feature of this short shrub. At the moment the plant is covered with flowers and another two native bee species were observed collecting pollen.
Saw our resident Black Snake near our back patio this week. Black Snakes are part of our domestic environment and we have an unwritten contract with them. We donít bite them if they donít bite us.

Garden Diary