Week 2 December 2001: 9.5mm rain this week. Still waging a war against weeds.
Potting on struck cuttings and seedlings into native tubes. We now have large number of plants ready to plant.
Went for a walk to a rocky outcrop west of the house. This outcrop is dominated by a huge Kurrajong (Brachychiton populneus). There are some Bloodroots (Haemodorum planifolium) growing here and we are anxious to collect seeds. Bloodroot is an herbaceous plant with strap-like leaves and blackish flowers carried on a tall stalk. It is a striking plant that we would like to include in the gardens. The common name refers to the orange-red rootstock.
Visited two local gardens this week. Pat and Barbara’s and John and Barbara’s gardens are home to a bewildering range of native plants. Both gardens are an inspiration to all gardeners.
Trying out a different potting mix with a Banksia grandis. We have potted on this Western Australian species into a mixture of river sand and well-aged horse manure. We will keep readers posted on the progress of this plant.       
Picked some “edible exotics”. Our Boysenberries are ripening and we are sharing these delicious berries with the local Crimson Rosellas.
Pseudognaphalium luteoalbum, Silver Bush, is lighting up the gardens with masses of bright yellow terminal flower heads. Cuttings of this colourful plant strike easily and we are cultivating many Silver Bushes.

Garden Diary