Week 2 August 2017: No rain this week.

One morning we filled an old wheelbarrow with soil wet it thoroughly and planted about 30 water chestnut corms. These are some of the corms we harvested from a small container that they developed in last summer. Hopefully in a larger container the new corms will be larger.

We moved a small ALDI raised garden bed to near our deck. This is the third bed in this position.

We ordered two cubic metres of garden loam from our local earthmoving company. We have previously bought soil from them. The soil was delivered on the same day as ordering. The first job was to fill the ALDI bed with soil. This took three barrow loads. Then over two days we filled three large raised beds that we bought on Ebay. This took 30 barrow loads. These beds are in our vegetable area.

We also found time to pot on struck cuttings of Acacia lasiocarpa, Callistemon serpentinus and Westringia eremicola. The wattle develops into a mounded ground cover with bipinnate foliage and spines. Cuttings produce roots rapidly.

We also planted 21 tubes and mulched them in our latest garden. So far this garden is 40 metres long by three metres wide. At least 400 plants have found homes in this garden. Well over 95% of these plants have been propagated on site.

Lots of stinging nettles are growing in the proposed path of this garden. This week they were sprayed with glyphosate.

The new NSW Region of the Australian Plant Society site is up and running. The address is: http://austplants.com.au/  there is a huge amount of information on the site and is well worth a visit.

Wildlife observation: One morning this week a flock of White-winged Choughs spent some time patrolling our mown area for food. They have not been around for a while.


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