Week 2 August 2015: No rain this week.

One morning we went for a walk west of the house. In one of our open, grassy areas we came across a small forest of regenerating Acacia implexa. Of the seven wattles native to Yallaroo this species is the most prolific.

Two hakeas are in full flower at the moment. Hakea multilineata and Hakea Pink Lace are blooming bounteously.

We potted on a large number of struck cuttings this week. Tremandra stelligera, Zieria prostata, Melaleuca pentagona and Veronica perfoliata (previously Derwentia perfoliata) all found homes in tubes.

On the vegetable front we planted beetroot and broccoli plants.

In our winters the evaporation is very low. Consequently we only have to water our tube plants every second day.

One afternoon we visited our Canberra friends. They have a place east of Yallaroo. They very   generously gave us a copy of Australian Plants for Cool Climate Areas. This was a welcome present. The book is full of useful information, extensive plant descriptions and plenty of photos.

Wildlife observations: A Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater is spending a lot of time in the shrubberies around the house. They have a distinctive call. For the past few months a pair of Blue Wrens has been visiting our lounge room windows. They must see their reflections. We have watched the male with his brilliant colours, in spring, fade to brown and then put on his brilliant colours again as winter finishes.


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