Choughs feeding.jpg (56823 bytes)Week 2 August 2014: Still no rain this week.

Planting and potting on continued this week. We planted 13 tubes in our northern garden and planted two blueberries. A Blueberry Nellie Kelly was planted beside our north-facing deck and a Blueberry Burst was planted in a pot on the deck. We also potted on struck cuttings of Grevillea Radiance and Prostanthera lasianthos.

A large number of Brachyscome multifida cuttings were placed in the propagating unit. Once potted on most of these plants will be given to one of our daughters and her family. They have moved into a new house and will be using the plants in their garden.

We dug 15 holes in our north garden. This area is very rocky and at times we used our crowbar to prise large rocks out of planting holes.

This week we received two thornless blackberries and two loganberries and they were placed in 14 centimetre pots. Eventually they will be planted in our vegetable area. They will join the raspberries received recently.

We have a tall Hakea multilineata in full flower. This is one of many colourful species from Western Australia.

There were some interesting wildlife sightings and observations this week. Firstly we were visited by two flocks of White-eared Choughs one morning. There were about 10 individuals in each flock. Flock 1 spent two hours feeding on our mown area near the house (photo shows some of flock 1 feeding). Flock 2 spent some time on a patch of sawdust also feeding. Then perched in the stringybarks (E. laevopinea), near our shed, socialising. This was the largest number of Choughs to visit Yallaroo.

Crimson Rosellas are permanent residents at Yallaroo. This week a pair discovered a new food source. We have a number of Wonga vines (Pandorea sp.) growing on our shed and on the supports of our back patio. Their colourful flowers are followed by a beaked capsule packed with seeds with a membranous wing. The Rosellas have worked out that if the pods are broken open there is a feast of seed. The ground below the vines are littered with split capsules.

A Black Cormorant and Little Grebe spent a few days on our big dam.


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