Week 2 August 2012: No rain this week.

We have flocks of Blue Wrens that, for the last few months, have been permanent visitors in the garden. This week we noticed a male, in his full breeding regalia, in one flock. We also saw two Thrushes near our Big Pond. They may be the pair that nests every year usually near the house.

Our Eucalyptus albens (White Box) trees are in full flower and are being visited by Wattle Birds and Rainbow Lorikeets. Eucalyptus albens is common west of here but we think that Yallaroo is the furthest east that White Boxes occur.

On Saturday we had our talkback garden programme on the local ABC station. For over ten years we had our talkback once a fortnight then it was once every four weeks with four presenters. Now it is once every five weeks with five presenters. With such a long interval between programmes we find it hard to maintain continuity and interest.

Many of our wattles are bursting into bloom heralding the arrival of spring. We find that this is the most cheerful time of the year with patches of yellow appearing throughout the garden and surrounding bushland.

As per usual we potted on cuttings that have taken root. Included in our potting on activities were: Prostanthera rotundifolia, Asterolasia species, Kunzea species, Myoporum viscosum and Leptospermum Aphrodite.


Garden Diary