Week 2 August 2010:  Rain = 27.5 millimetres. The rain keeps coming. Our tank is full, the dams are almost overflowing and the soil moisture level is very high. We are all set for a great spring.

Spent time mulching in a garden that we planted at the start of winter. A Thryptomene calycina is this garden is flowering. This species has a restricted distribution and is found in the Grampians National Park, central Victoria. This Thryptomene is frequently used in cut flower arrangements.

This week we bought and planted a “Moorpark”  Apricot and a “Brown Turkey” Fig. They have taken up residence in our orchard.

Still speaking exotically, this week we received a number of vegetable seed varieties and fruit fly exclusion bags from the Green Harvest Company. The bags are made from waxed paper and will be used to cover developing peach and nectarine fruit to protect them from fly attack.

We had more success with struck cuttings this week. Three cuttings of Hakea bakeriana have produced healthy roots. This success has inspired us to try propagating other Hakeas from cuttings.

There is a tall Stringybark Eucalypt growing beside our shed. The tree has developed four trunks. This week we cut all the trunks down and cut them up for firewood. The wood should have dried out by next winter and the stumps should shoot again.


Garden Diary