Week 2 August 2009:

The buds are swelling on our peach and nectarine trees so this week they were sprayed with Bordeaux mix. This will reduce the risk of curly leaf. This condition causes the leaves to develop twisted and contorted shapes. This in turn reduces their ability to photosynthesise.

After months of work and blasting rock the new road outside Yallaroo was sealed with bitumen this week. The new road gives a better view of oncoming traffic.

One morning we found a dead Swamp Wallaby in one of our gardens. This was rather sad as this was probably the Wallaby that has lived in our gardens for many years. There were no marks on the body so the animal possibly died of old age.

On a more positive note a pair of Grey Shrike-thrushes has arrived. This may be the pair that nests near the house on a regular basis every spring.

Our eldest daughter and her family arrived back in Sydney after their trip overseas. They are the last family members to return after we all attended our sonís wedding in England.

Sowed six different varieties of tomato seeds, in out propagating unit, this week. In a few weeks they will be ready to plant in one of our vegetable rings.

We also found time to pot on some struck cuttings and germinated seeds this week. Since our return from overseas we have potted on a large number of cuttings and seedlings. They will be ready for planting in six weeks or so.


Garden Diary