Week 2 August 2008: No rain this week.

This week we sowed more tomato seeds. There were four varieties including the well know Grosse Lisse. Hopefully we will have a bumper crop of tomatoes in spring and summer.

The week has been very cold again with a frost almost every morning. Our plants are coping well. Only a few of our recent plantings have been damaged.

We spent some time splitting firewood this week. Our heater has been working overtime during the cold nights.

We potted on some Banksia paludosa seedlings this week. This is a small Banksia with golden-brown flower spikes.

We have an entry in our Wildlife section about Legless Lizards. This week we received an email from Stewart, a herpetologist, who thinks that the reptile illustrated is probably a Skink with reduced legs. We will catch another lizard in spring when they come out of hibernation. Stewart has given us enough information to make an accurate identification. We will then change the entry.

This week we found a feral passionfruit vine in an area of woodland south of the house. The vine has been there for some time because the stems are two metres long. We will leave the vine there and hopefully, in the future, will be able to harvest some fruit.

This week we sprayed our peach and nectarine trees with a Bordeaux mix. This will stop curly leaf when the trees produce their spring foliage.


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