Sugar-Glider.JPG (34327 bytes)Week 2 August 2007: Still no rain

A pair of Grey Thrushes appeared in the garden this week. They may be the pair that returns at this time every year. They often nest in the Clematis vines that grow on our back patio.

We used some of our grey water on the new gardens this week. Even during the colder months we try to keep up the soil moisture level.

We had plenty of exercise this week. A number of holes were dug in our Coolatai Garden. This area has plenty of rocks and some are rather large. A crowbar had to be used to extract some rocks. On the positive side, the area is well drained.

We also potted on some strawberry plants. Some time ago we bought an Alinta strawberry plant. This week we transferred the plant and some runners into larger pots. Alintas are supposed to crop all year.

We found a dead male Sugar Glider (see image) on our road. There were no marks on its body so we donít know the cause of death. It is a pity that the animal died but at least we know that they are around.

More struck cuttings were potted on this week. They included Grevillea flexuosa and Grevillea rosmarinifolia Lutea. This latter variety has large cream flower heads.

Early in the week we go up at 3 am to see a meteor shower. In 25 minutes we saw 5 meteors. Perhaps this was more of a trickle than a shower.

A lady from Telstra came out this week to see if we are able to receive mobile phone Next G transmissions. A new transmission tower has been constructed north east of Yallaroo. We have not been able to receive CDMA transmission. Next G signals were received loud and clear.

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