Week 2 August 2004: No rain this week.

Early in the week we travelled to Inverell and then to Warialda. Near Inverell we walked in Goonoowigall Bushland Reserve. Many interesting of plants live in the Reserve. One of particular interest is Acacia leptoclada, sometimes known as the Tingha Wattle. This medium shrub has arching branches, bipinnate foliage and bright yellow balls of flowers in spring. We were too early for its flowering but the plants were covered in buds.

From there we visited the State Forest nursery in Inverell. Bought a number of tube stock including some Banksias, Acacias and two plants that we have not encountered before. Hakea tephrosperma, the Hooked Needlewood, is from inland Australia. Hopefully the species will survive and thrive in the gardens at Yallaroo. Grevillea striata is another inland species that we purchased. This small tree is known as the Beefwood and grows into a small tree with white flowers that are carried in racemes eight centimetres long. We are pleased to see these unusual plants appearing in nurseries.

Lots of birds are active around the house. They are preparing for nesting in spring. A number of White-browed Scrubwrens are foraging in the undergrowth. Last year they nested in a clump of Correas in tubes in our propagating house. It will be interesting to see where their nesting takes place this season.

Showed the garden to a visitor from England this week. She was a keen bird watcher and managed to add a number of species to her bird list after visiting Yallaroo.

Garden Diary