Week 2 August 2003:  We had 17 mm of rain this week.
A friend came out to take photos of some of our flowering Wattles. He is a keen and skilled photographer and is going to produce cards featuring native plants. Proceeds of card sales will go to the local Australian Plant Society Group.
Read about using cat litter as a medium for seed germination. We bought a packet for experimentation. The material certainly soaks up water, as you would expect. We mixed half litter with half sand and sowed eucalypt seeds in the mixture. We will keep you posted as to our success or failure.
We had an interesting walk in Goonoowigall Bushland Reserve near Inverell, north west of Yallaroo. A group of interested local people invited us to swap information about the flora in this interesting Reserve. Over 20 people turned up and we had a botanically and horticulturally inspiring walk. The group plans to visit Yallaroo later in the year.
Two Grey Thrushes have been flying around the house. Hopefully they will decide to nest in the vicinity. They have a beautiful song. At present we have Spinebills nesting in our Clematis vines and White-eared Honeyeaters nesting in our Banana Passionfruit vine. This vine (one of our edible exotics) has been burnt by the frost but should recover in the spring.
Cutting more firewood this week. The nights are very cold and we are thankful for our efficient wood heater.
Splashed out this week and bought more plants from the Armidale Tree Group Nursery. Their tubes are only $2 each. We bought Acacias, Grevilleas, Eriostemons etc., etc. Most of these plants will finish up along our road.
There was an interesting segment on the Gardening Australia TV programme. A commercial grower was putting in native cuttings without removing the lower leaves. He thought that these cuttings seemed to strike faster. The method is used on cuttings with small leaves. We are trying this method and once again we will report on our success or failure.
Some time was spent planting in our Lawn Garden. The area that we dug up is rapidly filling with plants.

Garden Diary