Week 2 August 2002: We are still in Sydney. We could be here for some time as our relative has had heart surgery. We are travelling to Sydney every day by train. The Sydney traffic is to frightening to travel by car.
We walk to the railway station every morning. It is interesting to observe the street trees. They are Brush Boxes (Lophostemon confertus) and usually develop into large, graceful trees. Unfortunately they are not very graceful when planted under power lines. They have to endure constant pruning to keep them clear of the lines. This ruins their shape and must cost the ratepayers a fortune as almost every street, in this area, is lined with Brush Boxes.
The train passes Rookwood Cemetery. This is reputed to be one of the largest cemeteries in the world. There are many historic graves in the cemetery. Also there are large areas of undisturbed native vegetation. This is the case in many cemeteries in Australia where there are remnants of the original vegetation that existed prior to European settlement.

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