Week 2 August 2001: This week we travelled to Glen Innes, north of Armidale and talked to the local Australian Plant Society Group about seeds. Collection, storage, treatment and sowing were some of the topics covered. Before the meeting we were treated to a delicious lunch at the home of two of the members.
This week saw us take another trip north along the New England Highway. This time we visited Warra National Park, south east of Glen Innes. Saw some large wetlands, fringed with groves of Banksia marginata. These dense, two metre tall shrubs were covered with pale yellow flower spikes.
Early in the week two Crimson Rosellas spent some time examining one of our nesting boxes. We are hoping that they will take up residence in spring. This week we also put up two Pardalote nesting tubes. They are just lengths of plastic drainage pipe with a cap on each end. One cap has a hole in it. The tubes were a present form a visitor to Yallaroo. A number of local people are using these nesting tubes with great success. They are usually mounted under the eaves. Spotted Pardalotes have been described as tiny and jewel-like. These delightful birds have black tails and wings covered in white spots. The male has a bright yellow throat.
Planted two female and one male Kiwi Fruit. Hopefully they will produce fruit in due course.
The Armidale garden Club visited Yallaroo this week. We are always happy to expound the beauties and virtues of native plants to interested gardeners.

Garden Diary