Week 2 April 2017: No rain this week.

In our vegetable gardens we picked all the rockmelons. They were not very big but tasted ok. These were from seeds that germinated in one bed. We did not know how the seed got there. We also started picking capsicums. We know about these because we sowed the seeds. Our strawberries are also starting to bear fruit.

This week we planted 21 tubes and after planting and watering they were mulched. When we dug the holes the soil was moist thanks to all the rain in March.

We potted on struck cuttings of Boronia crenulata, Callistemon glauca and Leptospermum Mesmer Eyes.

We used our cordless hedge trimmer to cut back the Cassinias along the road between our gate and the letter box. They were staring to brush against the car as we drove past.

We decided to buy another Kindle Paperwhite e-reader. We bought one last week and decided that we both needed one. This time we ordered from Officeworks via Ebay. We ordered one morning and by the next afternoon it had arrived at the local carriers. You could not ask for better service than that.

Our Hakea drupacea and H. laurina are flowering.

Wildlife observations: The White-winged Choughs spent some time, during the week, on our mown area and around the house. A pair of Little Grebes has been sighted on our big dam.


Garden Diary