Week 2 April 2016:  Rain = 20 millimetres. Once again this rain refreshed the garden but we still need at least 100 millimetres to allow the country to recover after this prolonged dry spell.

Regardless of the weather potting on continued this week. Plenty of struck cuttings went into tubes including: Kunzea pomifera, Boronia denticulata, Tremandra stelligera, Melaleuca violacea, Calothamnus rupestris and Prostanthera teretifolia.

To slightly balance this potting on we planted 39 tubes in the garden.

This week a friend gave us a white-flowered Crowea exalata. It goes without saying that cuttings were taken, from the plant, as soon as we arrived home.

The big event this week was the opening of an ALDI store in Armidale. We attended on the opening day as did a large percentage of Armidale’s population. The store will give the two big supermarkets, Coles and Woolworths, a run for their money. Apart from buying our groceries we also purchased a two drum composter. This was in a flat pack that we will assemble. This composter will complement our larger unit.

Wildlife observations: Two Red-necked Wallabies were sighted near our deck. We also were bitten by a bull ant. We picked it up when bending down looking at some roadside vegetation. It bit the tip of a finger. This was rather painful for a couple of minutes. A Pied Cormorant spent a few days in and around our big dam. No doubt the bird was fishing for freshwater crayfish or yabbies.


Garden Diary