Week 2 April 2015: No rain this week

We bought a flat pack desk to use as a sewing table in one of our bedrooms. One day this week we assembled the desk which came from Fantastic Furniture in Armidale. The assembly was easy and we have finished up with a substantial desk.

Potting on continued with struck cuttings of Asterolasia species, Eremophila denticulata, Eremophila densifolia, Eremophila Red Desert, Brachyscome multifida and Scaevola species all going into tubes.

With the cold weather approaching we used the chainsaw cut some firewood. A few months ago a large, dead eucalypt near our northern boundary fell down. This tree will probably yield a winterís worth of firewood al least. We also used the chainsaw to prune a large wattle. This is a hybrid whose parents we think are Acacia covenyi and A. vestita. The specimen has been pruned severely before and has recovered better than ever. Hopefully this present macro pruning will have the same result.

We spent some time rearranging and weeding the tubed plants in the plastic house. We were pleasantly surprised to come across some plants that had been forgotten.

This week we planted five plants near our deck. There is a sheltered area that is home to five subtropical hybrid grevilleas. They are G. Golden Lyre, G. Honey Gem, G. Majestic, G. Moonlight, G. Pink Surprise and G. Sylvia. At present we have a mature G. Pink Surprise in full flower beside our deck. There are literally dozens of large pink flower heads on this plant.

Wildlife observations: This week a large flock of Silvereyes visited our Solanum aviculare plants and fed on the ripe fruits. In the fullness of time we expect to see seedling solanums germinating in other parts of the garden.


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