Week 2 April 2013: Rain = 3.5 millimetres. Not much but at least we known it can still rain.

Work continued on renovating the area in front of our big pond. More Lomandras planted and rocks stacked around the pondís circumference. We also managed to find homes for nine plants in another garden.

There was also time to do some potting on. Struck cuttings of Grevillea anethifolia, Veronica (syn Derwentia) arenaria and Prostanthera nivea var induta all found their way into tubes.

We started sowing broad bean seeds in one of our vegetable beds.

We have an underground pipe that feeds irrigation and grey water across our road to the house and all points north. Recently the pipe sprung a leak. It is too deep to dig up so one day we dug another trench across the road for the water supply. This trench is considerably shallower than the previous one but works ok.

Our Melaleuca elliptica plants are flowering profusely. This is a native of Western Australia and is one of many western melaleucas that have adapted to life in our garden.

We set two yabby traps in one of dams one afternoon. Next morning we harvested 24 crustaceans. After cooking they went rather well with a salad for lunch.


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