Week 2 April 2012: No rain again this week. The garden is extremely dry and some plants are beginning to wilt. Some older Correas and Prostantheras (Mint Bushes) are struggling.

This week we embarked on a programme of survival watering where we left hoses running on those plants that are stressed. We also spent some time watering our newer plantings with grey water.

Potting on continued and included: seedlings of Allocasuarina grampiana and struck cuttings of Melaleuca thymifolia Candy Pink and two forms of Grevillea juniperina.

We also planted some seedling chives into a large pot. The pot will be placed on the back patio close to the kitchen, the centre of domestic activities.

One day this week some Red-browed Finches spent time bathing in the pond outside our family room. We are always pleased to see small native birds making use of the avian amenities that are provided.

We try to be optimistic so this week we continued digging holes and planting although we are going through a very dry period. We know that the rain will come.

Garden Diary