Bundanoon.JPG (18400 bytes)Week 2 April 2008:

This week we continued our renovation work in our sonís house on the Southern Highlands.

Once again we planted and mulched. Work also continued on kitchen cupboard construction as well as hanging doors and painting.

We planted some Camellias and Magnolias from large pots. These required large holes and we soon realised that planting tubes needs a lot less effort.

Whilst gardening we found a large Peronís Tree Frog in the undergrowth. After photographs we left the frog to return to the undergrowth. This is a widespread species. It would be the most frequently observed species at Yallaroo.

We paid a visit to the garden that our son looks after and were amazed to see so many ripening persimmons. The garden has an orchard with about a dozen persimmon trees. They were loaded with fruit. We collected (with permission) a bag of fruit. They are a real delicacy as far as we are concerned.

One morning we visited friends who had moved to the Southern Highlands from our part of the world. They live in a beautiful area that bulges at the seams with beautiful naturally occurring native plants. This is sandstone country and large rocks dominate the landscape. The rocks shelter the plants and provide a heat bank during winter. This is an idea we will use in our garden. We have a surfeit of rocks so we will place some near delicate plants to radiate heat during the cold winter nights. Our friends gave us a box of interesting and unusual native plants. Some native to the area and some from further afield. This was a very welcome gift.

We also paid a visit to Morton National Park one afternoon. We walked to two lookouts. One was called Echo Point (not to be confused with the famous Blue Mountains Echo Point). The view from here was breathtaking (see image). Mount Carnarvon was the other lookout. As a view this is a waste of time as tree growth has blocked out the scenery. We were rewarded by seeing a male Lyrebird displaying and then he worked through his repertoire of other bird calls including Kookaburras, Rosellas, Whipbirds, Currawongs, and Magpies etc. Finally we observed him scratching in the soil for food. Although the view has disappeared we were glad we made the effort to walk to the lookout.


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